Lawrence Hall Opens New LGBTQ+ Transitional Living Home

June 7, 2023
The new home for queer young adults will provide affirming services as they transition to adulthood  

CHICAGO, IL — March 31, 2023 Lawrence Hall warmly welcomed the first individual to reside in their Transitional Living Program’s newest home this week, a shared residence for LGBTQ+ young adults ages 17–20. Located in the Albany Park neighborhood, up to five young people will be able to live in the home at any given time.

A Sexual Orientation, Gender identity and Expression Survey Report conducted by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services found that 25% of respondents identified as LGBTQ+. Often overrepresented in DCFS care and subjected to more negative experiences, Lawrence Hall’s LGBTQ+ residence originated as a way to ensure queer youth transitioning into adulthood receive competent and affirming services. Committed to creating programs that allow youth to thrive, Lawrence Hall held a focus group with self-identified LGBTQ+ young adults in DCFS care to contribute to the program design of the new home. 

Those living in the home will have 24/7 support from onsite employees. According to a national survey from The Trevor Project, “LGBTQ youth who live in a community that is accepting of LGBTQ people reported significantly lower rates of attempting suicide than those who do not.” With this in mind, Lawrence Hall has been committed to a multi-disciplinary team consisting of 50% or higher that identify from the queer community. The choice to actively recruit staff from the LGBTQ+ community marks Lawrence Hall’s dedicated efforts to equip all youth with the resources needed to succeed. 

Annually serving over 1,400 youth and families, Lawrence Hall is a community-based organization committed to helping Chicago’s youth, families, and communities heal from the adverse effects of childhood trauma. For more than 150 years, Lawrence Hall has been delivering high-quality care throughout the Chicago metropolitan area and is a statewide leader in highly effective, evidence-based, and innovative therapeutic treatment. Their core programs—Child and Family Treatment Center, Therapeutic Day School, Creative Therapies, Foster Care, Transitional/Independent Living Program, Workforce Development, and Community Wellness—have met the changing and complex needs of youth and families by not only becoming more community based, but also by developing more preventative programs that help curb violence in Chicago’s communities.




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