Creative Therapies

Our Creative Therapies encourage self-discovery and healing through guided fine art and recreational activities.


Case-managed and DCFS-referred youth ages 0-21


Music | Therapeutic recreation | Canine | Art | Wilderness


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Creative Therapies complement our traditional talk therapy, since many of our youth find it easier to express their trauma in a way that engages more than just speech. This allows youth in DCFS care to tap into their creative sides while clinical therapists provide individualized treatment, allowing the youth to explore their feelings, manage behaviors, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

Our in-house Creative Therapies include:

Music Therapy

Nationally accredited by the American Music Therapy Association, our music therapists work directly with our youth to develop healthy social and relationship building skills, build emotional regulation and awareness, and build confidence and self-esteem through clinical and evidenced-based music interventions.

Art Therapy

Using the visual arts, art therapists provide individual and group art therapy sessions to help youth explore and process their innermost thoughts and feelings in nonverbal ways, leading to healing and greater confidence in their abilities.

Therapeutic Recreation

Combining treatment and leisure activities, our Therapeutic Recreation staff help youth develop social skills, manage emotions in constructive ways, and enhance physical fitness and coordination through group activities, one-on-one sessions, and sports teams.

In addition to our internal services, we partner with a variety of external organizations to provide our youth with out-of-the-box therapies.

Our partner-based therapies include:

Canine Therapy

In partnership with the Canine Therapy Corps, our Canine Therapy program is a seven-week class that partners each youth with a dog and works with a trainer to build a relationship with their dog. Often struggling in typical social situations, our youth can put aside their fear of judgment and work on anger management, communication skills, and self-awareness through play and dog training.

Therapeutic Theater

The Shakespeare in the Classroom program is facilitated by theater educators from the Invictus Theatre Company who rehearse an abridged Shakespearean production with students. The program culminates in a final performance for the students’ friends, family, and treatment team. Using a trauma-informed approach to Shakespearean performance, the program’s goal is to teach skills in emotional regulation, healthy self-expression, self-esteem, and how to sustain healthy relationships.

Wilderness Therapy

Adventures Accessed provides youth with exposure to the Midwest region’s natural areas through safe and thoughtful day trips, inspiring youth to explore their surroundings, nurture curiosity, and empower youth to pursue new challenges in life. This group “outdoor therapy” strengthens soft skills like communication, risk management, decision making, leadership, teamwork, and delegation through facing real-life challenges in a wilderness setting.

Lawrence Hall is actively seeking partnerships to provide music and/or art therapies.  If your organization is interested, please contact Creative Therapies Supervisor Courtney Wrubel.

When I am playing piano, I forget my troubles and enjoy doing something I love. The staff encourages me to pursue my love of music.


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