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To create lasting change in our communities, we must all be a part of the solution.

As you step into Lawrence Hall’s newest transitional living home, Avers, you may hear Steve asking his case manager what to look for when apartment hunting.

You might smell the sizzle of a new dish Damien is whipping up for his housemates or see staff and young people chatting on the comfy living room couches.


Since its inception, Lawrence Hall’s goal in opening the state’s first transitional home for LGBTQ+ youth in care has been clear: to provide an affirming space for queer youth to thrive.


Over a year later, the five residents — ranging from ages 17–21 — have blossomed. Many have reached significant milestones, like having their names legally changed. Others have gained new hobbies, started fulfilling jobs, or began their higher education journey. With a foundation of care and support from our staff, our youth have built a community all their own.


The growth and confidence of our Avers youth have inspired our next venture: Lakewood, a home for LGBTQ+ youth ages 14–17. According to the Trevor Project, 46% of LGBTQ+ young people in this age group considered suicide in the past year, but for those who had access to affirming spaces, the rates were much lower. Though the model Avers set will change to fit the needs of our younger youth, the intent of creating Lakewood as a safe, welcoming environment where youth are free to be themselves remains.

With approval from DCFS, we embark on this journey full of hope and curiosity. Who will walk through the doors of Lakewood and feel seen and understood? Which young people will discover new interests and joys? What will it mean for them to live in a home where every part of who they are is accepted and embraced?


This spring, we ask you to join us in making history once again and help fund the opening of Lakewood, a haven for LGBTQ+ youth. Your contribution plays a vital role in showing our young people that we believe in them, their safety, their dreams, and their futures.

Help our youth grow into their authentic selves. Donate to our Spring Appeal by June 30.

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