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To create lasting change in our communities, we must all be a part of the solution.

When we work with youth in care, what's one of our main goals?



For some, that takes the form of guardianship or adoption, but our first goal is always reunification with families of origin.


Rianna and her daughter Skylar embody the importance of that attachment.


Skylar was four years old when she was brought into care and placed with family after her mother, Rianna, experienced a mental health episode requiring inpatient treatment. After receiving the help she needed, Rianna began the long and complex process of regaining custody.


"You really don't think about everything you're doing," Rianna reflected. "I think as a mom, it's instinctual; you do what you have to do to get your children back. There is no such thing as giving up."

Through each part of the journey, Rianna endured — and cited her support system as the reason she didn't lose hope. Part of that network? Her Lawrence Hall caseworker.


"Every time I think about my caseworker, it brings me to tears," Rianna expressed. "She truly cared about our situation. I wasn't just another case to her."


Who was the caseworker that provided the empathy and dedication Rianna needed? Dr. Carly Jones.


At a time when the pandemic was raging, our direct care staff went above and beyond to ensure our youth and families felt safe and supported. This included Dr. Jones, our Vice President of Foster Care, acting as a caseworker for our families.


Rianna didn't know then that Dr. Jones was the head of our department — what she knew was that she had a caseworker who wanted her to succeed, and was going to be there every step of the way.


"I had a caseworker that was passionate about her job," Rianna said. "I felt supported by Lawrence Hall."


Through that passion, her family's advocacy, and Rianna's own hard work and determination, Skylar was finally able to return home with her mom.

After their separation, life looks different for Rianna and Skylar. Skylar feels "so happy" to be with her mother all the time. Instead of worrying about supervised visits and court dates, they're able to have fun doing their favorite activities like bowling, swimming, going to the park, and planning a trip to Florida.


Being reunited means they can focus on what truly matters: each other.

Help us continue our work to bring families back together. Please consider a generous gift towards our $35,000 goal before June 30.

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