Project Work Youth Host Art Opening, Personify Chicago in Drawings

April 19, 2019
“If Chicago Were a Person, What Would That Person Look Like?” opened on Monday, April 15, at Try-Me’s Cafe in the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration


The exhibition showcased the young artists answers of what Chicago would look like as a person, their own personal experiences and voices on display in each piece. In all, 20 youth participated in the exhibition, with some speaking to those in attendance on at the opening on the 15th. “We’re so proud of each of the youth that participated, it’s critical that we continue to give young people opportunities like this to use their voices.” said Lawrence Hall CEO, Kara Teeple. “We hope folks can take the time to check out this amazing and poignant show.”

“If Chicago Were a Person… What Would That Person Look Like?” is on display now and throughout the summer season at Lawrence Hall’s job-training cafe, Try-Me’s, at the University of Chicago.


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